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Congratulations on Yurong's new website and logo!

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Yurong Stainless steel Products Co., Ltd. is proud to announce our 25th year Anniversary. 

Yurong has been providing quality manifolds to companies in the Water Pumps, Heating, IT industry for over a quarter-century. 

A quarter Century of growth fueled by well-designed manifolds, product innovations and investment in new technologies which has positioned Yurong to be the premier solution provider in the Stainless Steel related Products internationally. 


We are also excited to announce that we are rebranding with a new logo, color scheme, and website. 


The new logo design concept comes from the shape of manifold, which is also the abbreviation (lowercase letter) “yr” of YuRong, and the image color is gray, which symbolizes stainless steel. Meanwhile the symbol carries our mission of high-quality achievement.


Manifold is one of our strength products. From independent research and development to the first-class level of Chinese aqua industry. We hope to continue the spirit of manifold's R & D and be responsible for products, clients, and human beings.


Gratitude and thanks to all our clients, partners and friends in the industry who have contributed to our success. 

We are looking forward to the next 25!

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