Increasing Maket Share
There is a market there is a YuRong
Product Application
Committed to developing to fulfill clients’ need and market demand.
Customized Service
We care about what you concern. Realized your ideas to reality.
Trouble Shooting
Our engineers are available for support anytime.


To achieve the high-standard and strong efficiency for our clients, we committed to devoting product development. YuRong continually improve in processes and make the products quality consistently.


Being a reliable partner in industries worldwide, we concern what you need for fluid movement.

To exceed our customers’ expectations with innovative improvement. 
We stand ready for fluid flow.
Why choose YR?
We care about our customers. We committed to be reliable, excellent and achievement with our experiences and know-how.

Extensive experiences

Since 1995, YuRong continually advance processes and abilities for various manifolds, stainless and steel welded products development.

Pursue progress

We have been consistently improving our technology to provide more efficient options to meet market demands

Personalized products

More than 200 types of models have been developed. We provide a bespoke advice service to ensuire our products to meet personalized requirements

Customized designs

To applied to different fluid and hydraulic system, all custom-made drawings and specific data can be adjusted accordingly.


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